Happy Independence Day!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the holiday. I hope you fired up the grill. I hope you made yourselves and your families a nice blueberry pie. And I hope you are heading out to see the fireworks tonight.

Because I sure am.

Since I was little I’ve been enthralled with the magic of exploding sparks in the sky. It’s just so….pretty. It always reminds me of Disney. You know the magical castle and the little river that precedes every one of their films? I used to think that such a place actually existed and how I wished that I could one day live there. Did you ever think that? Ha, probably not.

So how did you celebrate the fourth this year?

We had steak, a nice red, strawberries and cheese for dessert, and more of the nice red. The steak was mediocre but the wine more than made up for it. Delicious!!

Enjoy your day off tomorrow!!!


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