Moon Cake

I hope that wherever you live, there’s a Chinatown, or at the very least, there’s a good Chinese grocery store. Not only can you get cheap veggies and excellent rice (even though I don’t like rice), you can get all sorts of typical and atypical Chinese snacks and desserts. This is a typical dessert eaten as part of a tradition during Mid-autumn Festival in China. No we’re not celebrating the festival yet, it isn’t for another couple of months, but we are having the cake.

It isn’t really a cake in the layered, frosted affair you may be familiar with. Rather, it has a pastry crust that is often ornate, like this one, and a rich, sweet filling. This one has a lotus-paste filling. Other ones may contain red bean, nuts, or two egg yolks. The egg yolks symbolize “togetherness” and “reunion”. They are pickled and provide nice contrast with the sweet filling.

These are actually mini moon cakes. They are very cute, only about one and a half inches across. I’ve tried to make moon cakes of my own many years back. They tasted good but lacked much in the looks department. The commercially produced ones are all pressed in a moon cake mold, made of wood, so the cake takes its round fluted shape and gets a design on top. Maybe one day I’ll try to hunt down a mold and make moon cakes again.

The little cakes sure are cute, huh? 😉


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