JKF is Good-Looking, But RFK is Better

I went to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum today. Watched part of his inaugural address and part of the America’s first televised debate. And this is all that I could come up with:

JKF was fine looking, but RFK, his younger brother and the U.S. Attorney General, was damn fine looking.

JFK grew up in Boston and went to Harvard and didn’t marry until he was thirty-six. Jackie was gorgeous and twelve years younger than he was.

I walked through the exhibit titled “November 22, 1963” and almost cried.

Then I came back home and threw together a stew with all the leftover bits of vegetables and one pork chop I found frozen in the freezer. One porkchop! Why was this lone piece of pork not eaten?

My stew was too ugly to take pictures of. My biscuits turned out nice though, check them out here.

“A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on.” – JFK

“But suppose God is black?” – RFK


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